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Arizona Authors Association Members

This is a roster of current Arizona Authors Association members. Click on their names to see their web pages. Join us, and add your name to our list! 

Lagrand, Nicolas

Lee, Cherie

Lewis, Venetia Hobson

Long, Mindy

Loveland, Glen

Lusch, Lynn Marie

Lux, Lorie (Lorenda Lee)

Mableson, Connie

Machak, Joel

Makansi, Kristina

Makin, AnnElise

Malone, K. Patrick

Marriott, Barbara

Marshall, Jeffrey

Mays, Elaine

McIntosh, Kathy

McMaster, Richard

McMichael, Susan Harrison

Means, Andrew

Milleville, Richard

Murphy, Lynn

Neiman, Judy

Nicholas, Lynn

Nichols, Jan

The Arizona Authors Association retains the right to post information submitted to our newsletter on our website. If you have submitted articles, biographies, information, pictures, etc, for the purpose of publication in our newsletter but wish to withdraw permission to post those items on the website, please contact the Arizona Authors Association Webmistress HERE

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