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Arizona Authors Association Literary Contest

The road is waiting, you have merely to take the first step. See where your writing will take you. 


Check out our list of previous winners:


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Finalists in the 2023 Contest:

Finalists, in Alphabetical Order:

Alcorn, Janet -- Mourning Doves

Ball, Joy -- Winnie Goes To School

Bernard, Elizabeth -- Sisters of Castle Leod

Bernhardt, Peter -- Red Romeo - Stasi Gigolos and the Spy Hunter of Germany

Binsfeld, Lisa -- Rootbound

Burgess, Melanie -- The Fingerprints of God

Catron, McKenzie -- Daughter of the Trolls

Cruz, Nora -- Gracias Maestra!

Edwards, Mary Coday -- To Travel Well, Travel Light

Foster, Daniel -- Torment: Descension

Hackman, Derek -- A Machine Divine

Hart, William -- Elephants Are Not Artists

Hershey, Joshua -- Linden Falls

LaSaga, K.C. -- Dragum

Malungu, L. -- Marcus - King of the Dandelions

Merrill, Allison Hong -- Ninety-Nine Fire Hoops

Norris, A.S. -- The Wayward Mage - Volume 1

Poplinger, Rick -- Adventure in the Land of Changes

Ramavat, Krishna -- Freester's First Easter

Schneider, David -- The Map of Orbus Terrarum

Solovey, Dev -- Rebel Memories

Thomas, Heidi -- Rescue Ranch Rising: Book 3

Volk, Christopher H. -- The Value Equation: A Business Guide To Wealth Creation for Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Investors

The 2024 Arizona Authors Literary Contest begins January 1, 2024. Check this page at that time for details, rules and prizes!

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