Arizona Authors Association 2022 Literary Contest

The road is waiting, you have merely to take the first step. See where your writing will take you. 


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For the past four decades, the Arizona Authors Association Annual Literary Contest has presented awards for outstanding books, short stories, and poetry. We do not judge a book by its author's popularity or by any criteria other than excellence in the work itself. Whether your book is unknown or a New York Times best seller, it has an equal shot at winning. Our prizes not only include the recognition and bragging rights associated with a win in a respectable literary contest, but also, monetary prizes, publication in our magazine, and nominations for various industry awards. 

Categories:                                                                                                                                                                                    Published Fiction                                                                       

Published Nonfiction

Published Juvenile/Young Adult

Published Oldie but Goldie

Unpublished Poems

Unpublished Short Story/Essay/Narrative

Unpublished Novel/Novella


First Prize: $100 

Second Prize: $50

Third Prize: $25

Honorable Mention

All Winners, Including Honorable Mention, will be featured in the Arizona Authors Literary Magazine.

Winners in the Poetry, Essay  or Short Story categories will be nominated for the National Pushcart Prize (Value: Priceless!)

TITLE OF SUBMISSION: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________





EMAIL: ________________


BELOW, check category you wish to enter, fill in price and TOTAL AMOUNT DUE AT BOTTOM

PUBLISHED ENTRIES ($30 for members, $35 non-members)

____FICTION: Novel/Novella/Short Story Compilation                                                        =$_____

____NONFICTION                                           =$_____


____CHILDREN’S PICTURE BOOK                 =$_____


____JUVENILE/YOUNG ADULT                      =$_____


____OLDIE BUT GOLDIE                                 =$_____



____POEM ($20 for members, $25 non-members)                                                             =$_____

____SHORT STORY, ESSAY, PERSONAL NARRATIVE, REVIEW ($25 for members, $30 non-members)                                                    =$_____

____NOVEL/NOVELLA ($35 for members, $40 non-members)                                                     =$_____


CRITIQUES For Unpublished Only

____POEMS ($25 for members, $30 non-members)                                                             =$_____

_____SHORT STORY, ESSAY, PERSONAL NARRATIVE, REVIEW ($30 for members, $35 non-members)                                                     =$_____

NOVEL, NOVELLA ($35 for members, $40 non-members)                                                    =$_____

TOTAL AMOUNT DUE (for entries & critique requests)                                                                                                                    =$_____


Checks payable & entries mailed to:

Arizona Authors Association

1119 East Le Marche Ave.

Phoenix, AZ 85022                           


Or Pay via PayPal below:                                      

Contest and Submission Rules

Contest starts January 1, 2022 and ends midnight MST July 1, 2022.


ALL BOOKS/E-BOOKS IN PUBLISHED CATEGORIES – Submit 2 copies. Books must include ISBN, copyright date, and publisher information. E-Books must be submitted in print & bound form like a gallery or ARC. No books returned; all will be donated after judging.


OLDIE BUT GOLDIE entry can have any publication date, but must never have won this contest. Must be indie work. ALL OTHER PUBLISHED ENTRIES must have 2021 or 2022 publication date.


No submissions by publishers unless entry is a compilation of authors.


UNPUBLISHED CATEGORIES – IF BY MAIL: Submit 3 copies; IF BY EMAIL: Submit PDF file (See payment section for addresses)

Poetry entries - 50 line maximum in 12-point plain font. Single-spacing within stanzas OK.


Short Story/Essay/Personal Narrative/Review entries cannot exceed 15 pages and must be printed in 12-point plain font, double-spaced lines, 1-inch margins, title and page numbers in header. Author’s name cannot appear anywhere in text—only on entry form.


Novel/Novella entries must include a synopsis (max. 5 pages) and the first 25 pages of manuscript. The synopsis must summarize entire story. Must be printed in 12-point plain font, double-spaced lines, 1-inch margins, title and page numbers in header. No author's name in text – only on entry form. Manuscripts must be completed and available upon request. They will not be returned except if critique is requested.


Winners in unpublished categories automatically consign first serial rights to Arizona Authors’ Association, our right to publish in the Arizona Literary Magazine in November, 2022, before anywhere else.


Multiple entries – need an entry form for each entry. You may print extra forms from our website ( or .com) or photocopy this form.


We reserve the right to switch an entry’s category, cancel a category, or not award any winners if they don’t meet publishing industry standards. Any entry not following rules will be disqualified without notification or refund.

Good luck to all our entrants! 

Check out past winners in our Literary Magazine. Your name could be in our next issue!

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