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Lisa Binsfeld

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Lisa Binsfeld

Author, Blogger, Business Writer
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A Bit About Me

Lisa Binsfeld has always had a passion for stories and the characters that make them. After dabbling in short story writing during elementary, high school and college, Lisa traded fiction for the world of business writing—marketing copy, blog posts, and articles for newsletters and magazines. In 2016, urged on by her children and husband, Lisa began writing creatively again. She completed a second draft manuscript of her first novel in the fall of 2021, and while waiting for feedback began a second novel which is now in beta reader stage. Lisa is currently unpublished. Her intent is to hone her second novel before seeking agent representation.

Lisa grew up in Indiana and has been in the Phoenix area nearly thirty years. Her stories are inspired by the conflicts inherent in family dynamics and the belief that perception determines reality.

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