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A Bit About Me

Hi. I’m Frank G. Davis, award winning local author from Chandler. During the last three years I have self-published ten science fiction novels. An eleventh novel is currently being edited. I am also involved in generating an audio book of one of my novels. The title of the book is The Book of Caleb. It's a prequel to the Joshua series. I will finish recording the book and hopefully it will be released by the end of April, 2023.

I have written two four-book series. The first is the Generation series which is a space opera that covers 200 years and multiple generations. The first generation starship travels to Proxima-b to establish a human colony, then returns to Earth to find civilization decimated by a world wide plague. Only a remnant remains and they have no knowledge of the starship Hope. The crew of Hope must find a way to merge with the Earth’s meager population if they are to survive.

The second series is titled Joshua. It is an action/adventure series set in the near future. The twin- brothers, Joshua and Caleb were Recon Marines who returned from Afghanistan to become special agents for a top secret government agency. Their assignments are to lead in the war on crime, to eliminate the untouchable leaders of criminal organizations and to protect those they prey on.

Recently, I have been focusing on the marketing of my books. I currently have made arrangements with several Barnes and Noble stores in the Phoenix area to add some of my books to their Local Authors displays. In March, I held my first book signing event at the Barnes and Noble store at Tempe Market Place. I’m currently preparing for my next book signing at the Mesa Barnes and Noble by the end of April, 2023.
There are eleven Barnes and Noble stores in the greater Phoenix area. My goal is to hold book signings monthly at their various stores. I’m planning on book signing in the stores at Gilbert and Chandler in May and June, 2023.

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