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Vicki Riske

Vicki Riske

Published Author, Published Illustrator
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Works By Vicki Riske:

A Bit About Me

Vicki grew up in ND and now lives in Mesa, AZ. She has been interested in puppetry and storytelling for many years. Vicki has her own business, We Are Puppeteers. She writes and illustrates children’s books, designs and builds custom puppets. She has written four books and illustrated three of them. She is currently doing a story time at Inspire Farms in Mesa every Thursday at 10:00 AM. She reads books and does a craft with the kids that usually involves making a puppet.

The Polka Dot Tea Party, is about finding shapes in nature and the importance of friendship. She is currently working on an update to The Polka Dot Tea Party, titled The New Polka Dot Tea Party. The new version has added pages and includes the owl character on every page of the book. The text has been updated as well to make it easier for new readers. Local artist Laura Best illustrated Vicki’s second book, Grandma Bibi, which tackles the difficulties of memory loss in older loved ones from the perspective of children. Grandma Bibi, has been translated into Spanish by Sonia Elizabeth Urrutia de Soto, La Abuela Bibi. My Teeth Are Too Big, is about self-confidence, presented with fun thoughtful measure. Her award winning book, Fishy Tales, has been translated into Spanish by Sonia Elizabeth Urrutia de Soto, Los pececitos aventureros. These two books are about fish who love to swim, and play in the ocean, and encounter plastic trash forming a large trash island. This book is a great conversation starter for discussions on climate change and our responsibility to care for planet earth.

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