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Vicki Mastriani Walker

Vicki Mastriani Walker

Published Author
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Works By Vicki Mastriani Walker:

Walking in Deep Sand   (Under the Pen Name VC Williams)

A Bit About Me

I have been been a lifetime writer. My first published work appeared in the local Prescott Evening Courier when I was in the fifth grade at Miller Valley School. I was assigned to write an article about an Indonesian official who came to our school. I interviewed him and wrote about the why, when, and where of his visit.

After reading Anne Frank, the Diary of a Young Girl, I was inspired to keep a diary, too. Journaling has continued to be a joy. Those journals are the bedrock of my writing experiences, whatever genre or focus. After many years of writing grants, protocols, and policies for government and large non-profits, I am now focused on the freedom and joy of writing fiction.

I have one published novel, Walking In Deep Sand, and am now seeking publication for my newest book, a historical fiction about a trail-blazing Arizona woman. I am also working on a murder mystery set on a world cruiseliner and a non-fictional short story about the chaos and mayhem of international travel.

I am married and my husband and I love to travel in our downsized Class C, enjoying the beauty of our great USA. We are grateful for our various journeys here and around the world, meeting new people, and learning about different cultures and lifestyles. These travel experiences instill a deep appreciation for not only the similarities and kindness of people everywhere but for a realization of just how blessed we are.

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