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Kim Passante

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Kim Passante

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A Bit About Me

Kim Passante has enjoyed living in beautiful Arizona for over 25 years. Moving here many years ago to escape the snow country she was born and raised in, she is happily married to her hockey-playing, business owner husband. A lifelong education and sports enthusiast, with a history working in the fields of finance and law, she enjoys the challenge of writing in a wide variety of forms and genres.

Kim’s first published book, The Original, Living Life Through Hockey, is a biography she wrote with Norm Beaudin, the Original Winnipeg Jet. The book quickly sailed to #1 New Release status in its genre on Amazon after its release in July of 2022. The book follows Norm’s life from birth in sub-zero Canada to his recent “honor tour.” A story of tragedy and triumph, sprinkled with hijinks as a young boy and professional hockey player, the book will appeal to not only hockey fans, but fans of life in general as Norm playfully relates how aspects of hockey are present in everyday life.

Kim currently has dozens of other writing projects in the works, including children’s books and multiple movie scripts. When Kim is not writing, she is often working on many creative projects, including cooking and baking, stained glass, calligraphy, painting, mixed media, and making quilts for the newborns in the family. As she works, she is usually accompanied by her cat-sized dog, and her dog-sized cat and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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