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Steven Fullmer

Steven Fullmer

Published Author, Public Speaker
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Works By Steven Fullmer:


2020 PMO Impact Summit Sizzle Video

E31- Darrell Gardner and Steven Fullmer Project Management Soft Skills

E45 Know Your Tribe: Agile, Neurosociology and Project Management

Full Presentation: The Neurosociology of Change within Projects


Fullmer, Steven M., PMP, Project Management: Tools, Tips and Techniques; and Appendix to Project Management: Tools, Tips and Techniques. First ed. January 2018, pp. 495 and pp. 216. ISBN 978-0-692-07187-8

Fullmer, Steven M., PMP, PMI-PBA. PMI-PBA: Business Analysts and Project Managers. First ed. June 2017, pp. 618. ISBN 978-0-692-91513-4

A Bit About Me

Steve Fullmer has been an established author; a sought-after public speaker; and an ingenious transformer across multiple industries. (Translation – problem solver, change agent, and conceptual leader converting ideas toward achievable outcomes.) His evolution included script writer, director, and principal talent in more than 3,000 instructional videos affecting more than one million viewers. Steve’s formal technology-based writings include a multi-year series (2005-2010) of global surveys across the software development environment; hardware, software, and security courses; and two collegial textbooks incorporating human behavior into project management and business analysis credential preparation.

His works also include hundreds of technology blogs, dozens of formal keynote addresses, and an eclectic variety of articles and stories.

Bachelor’s degrees in chemistry and biology assuaged his curiosity, while minors in psychology and English afford communication across less technical audiences.

Dissatisfied with rote answers, he pursued a post-graduate degree in neurochemistry before achieving an MBA in services marketing and management. He has personally taught thousands of individuals, as well as hundreds of organizations, to design and achieve project success based on human behavioral models.

Technology focused project management and pedagogy afforded income while Steve and his amazing wife raised two incredible children. They deserve the accolades for providing the requisite pizza stains and coffee circles while proofreading and critiquing his writing.

Semi-retired, Steve now shifts toward his avocations- researching neurosociology, enhancing the human condition, reading, and writing. The working title for his current effort is On the Other Hand, Choice in a Complex World.

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