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Dec. 10


Award-winning author Patricia L. Brooks and her husband, Earl L. Goldmann, will present a workshop at the Tempe Public Library, 3500 S. Rural Road, Tempe, AZ on Saturday, December 10, from 10am to noon. 

The workshop, titled, Write a Memoir to Remember, will teach authors how to:

*Be encouraged and inspired to bring your words to fruition through the Write the Memoir to Remember workshop

*Understand that writing one’s memoir is a very integrating experience that can lead to greater wholeness.

*Learn what memoir writing is, and its significance in our lives. 

*Develop a greater connection within your family and a personal sense of who you are in your writing. 

*Learn how to put your memoir story together piece-by-piece with events and emotional beats. 

Patricia is president/founder of Brooks Goldmann Publishing, LLC with her husband and business partner of over 20 years. Patricia and Earl are enthusiastic about storytelling in their award-winning memoirs. They are both well-known memoir writers, and this workshop has been popular with many authors and aspiring writers. It is FREE to the public. 

For questions about their books or the event contact Patricia L. Brooks 480-250-5556 cell/text.

To RSVP for the event, contact and go to events.

More description of these memoirs is on their website at:

Dec. 20


Donis Casey hosts a monthly series of author essays called Tell Me Your Story on her website, where she invites successful authors to share their life
experiences and tell how those experiences have influenced their writing.


December’s guest is Frankie Y. Bailey, PhD, professor in the School of Criminal Justice University at Albany (SUNY). She studies crime history, and crime and mass media/popular culture and material culture. She is the author of five mysteries featuring amateur sleuth Lizzie Stuart and two police procedurals novels featuring Albany police detective Hannah McCabe.


Frankie is currently at work on a nonfiction book about four hundred years of dress and appearance in American crime and justice. She is also working on a historical thriller set in 1939 and her next mystery novel. Frankie is the project director of the Justice and Multiculturalism in the 21st Century project in the School of Criminal Justice (UAlbany). Frankie’s fascinating story about dealing with history, mystery, and multiculturalism will appear on Dec. 20 at


To find out more about Frankie, click HERE. To visit Donis’ website, click HERE.

Feb. 22


Mark D. Walker will take part in the Desert Foothills Library’s Arizona Author Series on February 22nd.  His topic will be: “Daily Rituals: How Local Writer Mark D. Walker Works.” 


Mark will share some interesting rituals of well-known authors—and then explain his own rituals for writing each day.


The Desert Foothills Library is located at 38443 N School House Rd, Cave Creek, AZ. The event is free to the public. 


To learn more about the library series, click HERE.


To learn more about Mark and all of his upcoming
projects and appearances, click HERE.

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