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Mary Specker Stone

Mary Specker Stone

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A Bit About Me

Mary Specker Stone’s poems have appeared in Image Journal; The Healing Art of Writing, vol.1; New Verse News; Gyroscope Review; Gleam; Sheila-Na-Gig Online; Presence; and other literary journals. After a biomedical writing career, Mary pursued graduate studies in medical rhetoric, earning her M.A. from Northern Arizona University and publishing a paper on patient agency in Technical Communications Quarterly. While teaching college English and writing grants, Mary turned to poetry. A certified Spiritual Director, she lives in the Phoenix area where she leads poetry salons and serves as a spiritual companion to writers, artists, and people in recovery. Mary’s chapbook, Valentine Dinner at Wren & Wolf, will be published by Finishing Line Press in June of 2024. Reach her at

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