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A Bit About Me

A.L. Means grew up in Britain and has lived in or near Phoenix, Arizona, for over 30 years. He has authored fiction and nonfiction in various genres, using different pen names, and has spent much of his working life as a journalist for magazines and newspapers.

His most recent fiction is a light-hearted erotic travelogue entitled A Passion Worth Pursuing, published by Extasy Books. A.L. Means (

Previous fiction includes a self-published novel entitled Shine Like The Sun; a set of short stories, Foreign Ways; and two light-hearted tales suitable for readers of most ages, The Trouble Upstream, loosely inspired by a childhood favorite—The Wind in the Willows, and a fanciful fable, When Rabbits Ran Rampant (soon to be re-published).

As Andrew Means, he has written biographies of novelist and essayist George Orwell and the rock group Pink Floyd as well as Some Memories, a memoir about the childhood of the late Country-Western singer Marty Robbins, who lived in the Phoenix area before and after World War Two.

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