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Afton Zapata-Scow

Afton Zapata-Scow

Published Author, Educator
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A Bit About Me

Afton Zapata-Scow lives in Mesa, Arizona with her husband, Shaun. She spends much of her time with elementary students, as a teacher, reading, writing and discovering the world around them. She often reads her unpublished writing to her students for approval. Any free time she gets, she spends it with her grandchildren reading enriching books and watching them learn and grow.

Afton embraces life by taking a break from the day to day routine to travel with her husband and visit many historical sites and capitol buildings that each state has preserved in history. Afton spends time researching her travel locations and often writes a historical fiction or nonfiction draft of her adventures.

Afton’s writing career began several years ago when she published a memoir entitled, Enduring Miracles about the effects of an illness on a marriage and family. Afton continued to write about her husband, Juan and his final battle with valley fever in another memoir, Enduring the End. Both books can be found on

As a wife, mother, grandmother, and teacher, Afton has inspired others to never give up no matter what the hardships. Her faith in God and family has shaped her into who she is today and hopes to bless others with the same encouragement to endure whatever they encounter in their own lives.

Published books:
Enduring Miracles
Enduring the End

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