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Kevin Gundlach

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Kevin Gundlach

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Just an Ordinary, Time-Traveling, Alien, Superhero High School Teacher, Episode One: The Altered Alphabet

Just an Ordinary, Time-Traveling, Alien, Superhero High School Teacher, Episode Two: Alexander the Late

A Bit About Me

Kevin Gundlach was a high school math teacher who returned to business as a software developer and then, years later, turned back to academia. He never forgot his students at e-Institute in Glendale, Arizona. While teaching at that high school, he perceived that young people learn best when they are first equipped with logic and critical thinking skills. He also understood that teens don't do boring. They tune out.

Using his programming skills, he came up with a "logic puzzle generator" that creates critical thinking puzzles to combine with stories that are actually fun for bright middle school and high school students (and even adults). Along with Kathleen Cook, he created Tryn, an alien, time-traveling, superhero high school teacher with a class full of brilliant, troublesome, wild but wonderful students.

Here is a brief synopsis of the series:

After contracting a rare disease that reacts with the atmosphere of his home planet, Tryn moves to 19th century earth, but finds that even though he can't go home, "home" often comes to him. His former students wreak havoc on earth when they change its history in order to perfect the present. Tryn, along with his human sidekick, Richard, must travel through earth's history to fix little messes, such as a broken alphabet, an Alexander who is too late to be great, and a Simon Bolivar who, after meeting some snazzy alien kids, is too worried about his appearance to do much nation building in South America.

Along the way, Tryn discovers that his genius students, as exasperating as they may be, have hearts of gold and will someday save the earth, and maybe even the universe. The series will cater to students as well as teachers, since the logic puzzles are designed to improve critical thinking in math, science, and English, in addition to teaching history. Besides, what educator would object to a story about superhero teachers?

Publication of the first four books is set for 2022.

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