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A Bit About Me

Kyle Patton is an Arizona native and Phoenix-based editor, writer, journalist and photographer. He studied English and journalism at Scottsdale Community College and Arizona State University. He has worked for a variety of publications and newspapers, including The Arizona Republic and USA Today. For the past eight years, Kyle has served as an associate editor for two national medical magazines.

Beyond the reach of his nine-to-five job, he works as a manuscript editor, ghostwriter and freelancer. He is a member, volunteer and occasional presenter for Pen America. He is (finally) working on fiction projects of his own, including a series of essays, a collection of flash fiction, and the faintest lines of something resembling a novel.

Outside of words, he runs a seasonal photography business masquerading as a hobby. His most controversial opinions in the literary world are 1. The Oxford comma is useless and 2. Audiobooks do count as reading. A random smattering of things tied to his name can be found here:

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