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You may be a seasoned professional author, editor or publisher, or you may be just launching your career. You may even have decided to take up writing upon retirement. For all of these different situations and more, joining the Arizona Authors Association will help you enhance these endeavors. You do NOT have to be a resident of Arizona to join our membership! We have members in Oregon, Minnesota and Maine, although the majority live in Arizona. Whether you have been a visitor to our lovely state, are a snowbird, or have merely dreamed about moving here, you are welcome to join our group. Since many of our meetings are now on Zoom, you'll be able to take full advantage of your membership in our organization.


For the small price of $45 a year, you will receive our 25-35 page newsletter packed with tips, hints, articles and features. You'll also have the opportunity to feature your books in our Zoom book fairs (FREE for members!) You'll receive a full webpage for your biography, books, picture and more, for a polished, professional online presence without the need to create and pay for your own website. (We all know that free websites give an unpolished and unprofessional look, so why spend extra? You have it all right here!)


In addition, you may advertise your new books in our newsletter in a full-page book release, also free to members. There is so much value packed into so little cost! So join the Arizona Authors Association now, to add your name to our list of illustrious authors, some of whom have been featured on the New York Times Best Seller list as well as in PBS and other television specials. Get your free professional webpage now!

Click HERE for a copy of our latest brochure!

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Arizona Authors Association is a nonprofit 501c3 established in 1978

If you would like to support the Arizona Authors Association with a gift in any amount, or if you would like to purchase an ad in our literary magazine, please click the button below. Thank you! 


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