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A Bit About Me

David Rich grew up on a ranch in Colorado. His dad introduced him to tractors and cattle, and his mother to music and travel. He toured the country with an amazing group of fellow misfits in the fighting 529th Air Force Band, attended the University of Colorado in Boulder and the University of Chicago Law School, and by some fluke began practicing law in Phoenix with Lewis and Roca, the firm that handled the Miranda case (which he had nothing to do with). David tried private practice but found the cushy job of assistant attorney general more to his liking. (His appointment as judge pro tem by the Maricopa County Superior Court was a resounding success because attorneys immediately settled any case to which he was assigned.)

He and his third wife decided they’d rather travel than work, so they saved every penny on a ten-year plan that took eleven years. Since retiring in his forties to become a full-time traveler, David has lived in almost every country on the planet. He has written dozens of travel stories for publications ranging from International Living to, and his personal website, David and Mary Around the World, at has been featured on In his first book, Myths of the Tribe (1993), he examined the influence of organized religion on ethics, government, and economics, second edition August 2019. RV the World, now in its second edition, combines his seventeen-year tour of 170 countries with lots of practical advice. David also wrote The ISIS Affair, a satire on religion and nationalism in Syria. All books are available on Amazon and wherever books are sold online.

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