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A Bit About Me

Dick developed his love of writing late in life when two cancers forced him to read for
enjoyment. As luck would have it, he discovered James Patterson’s early novels interesting, and
hard to put down even late at night.

His writing style is similar; with short chapters and varying points of view. He has self-published
the Scott Tucker five-novel serial killer mystery series which is set in New England during the
60’s. He also loves to write flash fiction and some of those stories have won awards and were
published elsewhere. He has self-published two anthologies.

Women might say that men know nothing about romance. However, Dick’s romance novel about
two coming-of-age teenagers might prove otherwise. As a side note, he is now happily married
to someone he has known since they were nine years old.

His latest book is a self-help short read focused on workplace behaviors to improve personal
results. It comes close to being a memoir as the personal values outlined and discussed enabled
Dick to receive several director-level positions for a Fortune 500 company.

He spent over forty years in New England and has lived in the Phoenix area since 1991. Besides
reading and writing, he can be found making or repairing jewelry and doing artwork with a
wood-burning tool.

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