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Michael Dow

Michael Dow

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A Bit About Me

Michael Stephen Dow always had a love for science and the human body so for a third career, he used his GI bill to go through nursing school and graduated in August, 2020. Michael now works as an RN at an inpatient psychiatric hospital. Michael's education: BA in Psychology from Auburn University, BS in Biology from U.A.B., MS in Management from Troy University, MHA from the University of Phoenix, and an MS from the University of Arizona in 2020. Books he has authored have garnered many awards including Best Children's Education Series for Independent Press Award.

Michael believes we will need the best of science and religion to successfully navigate ourselves, our civilization, through future obstacles we face. With teamwork, inclusion, faith and perseverance, we can help each other reach our better selves as well as our best collective good. For more information, see and

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