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Diane Sleger

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A Bit About Me

Diane Sleger spent her memorable childhood in Pure Michigan, lived in Chi-town burbs, and currently resides in sunny Arizona. She holds a B.S.W., an A.A.S. in Graphic Design, and a Web Design Certificate. Art is her passion, expressed in her illustrations and digital designs.


Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Arizona
Saguaro Chapter, DAR, Mesa, AZ. Corresponding Secretary, VIS Webmaster, and Editor,
The Stewart Society, Edinburgh, Scotland.
Arizona Authors Association

Shadows to Sunshine, Our Park Stewart Line, 08APR2022 © Diane Sleger. This is a genealogical research review on my paternal surname Park to Hutchinson to McBeath to Stewart Line from the United Kingdom. Testing 1,2,3, Los Alamos is about my father's service, as an Atomic Age veteran, with the Armed Forces Special Weapons Project. The Atomic Age veterans experienced the effects of the atomic Trinity Test radiation during the Manhattan Project. Reference at: NSDAR, and the Pritzker Military Museum and Library, Chicago, IL

Shadows to Sunshine, Our Quade Mester Line, 03MAY2020 © Diane Sleger. This genealogical focus is to concentrate on our German historical backgrounds. Researching my husband Paul and his siblings’ maternal Prussian ancestry, focusing on both the Quade and Mester Lines. It follows their ancestors lives from emigration, living during the depression, letters, WWII – Pacific soldier’s experiences, the homes they lived in, their memories, and sharing Dori’s watercolors. Reference at: ILDAR, and NSDAR.

Shadows to Sunshine, Our Maas Line, 01FEB2020 © Diane Sleger. My maternal Pomerania Maas line, who inspired our cultural and holiday traditions. It’s amazing how many left their families and their beautiful homeland. They traveled over rough seas to find a dream with a new hope and land. Reference at: NSDAR, and Newberry Library, Chicago, IL.

Shadows to Sunshine, Our Leffingwell Line, 24OCT2018 © Diane A Sleger. Our ancestral line descending from Lieutenant Thomas Leffingwell. It includes soldiers’ sacrifices in King Phillip’s War, the Revolutionary War, Civil War, World War I and II, and Vietnam. Reference at: ILDAR, NSDAR, Washington, DC., Newberry Library, Chicago, IL., the Leffingwell Museum, Norwich, CT, Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford, CT, and Yale University Library, New Haven, CT.

One Lucky Combat Infantryman, 6DEC 2017 © Paul H. Sleger, Editor: Diane Sleger. Paul H. Sleger served as a Sergeant, and Squad Leader with the 11th Armored Division, Thunderbolt in WWII. He participated in the battles of Ardennes, Rhineland and Central Europe, and the Battle of the Bulge. Reference at: ILDAR, NSDAR library, Washington, DC, World War II Museum, New Orleans, LA, Marquette University, WI., Washington State College, WA., Cantigny Museum and Pritzker Military Museum and Library, Chicago, IL.

The Great War, A Soldier’s View, 8OCT2017 © Diane Sleger. WWI veteran William F. Weir served with the American Field Service, Special Services Unit 649, American Expeditionary Forces, First Division. As a driver/mechanic, his service including Cantigny, Soissons, and Meuse Argonne. Reference at: ILDAR, NSDAR, Washington, DC, World War I Museum, St. Louis, MO., The Pritzker Military Museum and Library, Chicago, IL, and the First Division Museum, Wheaton, IL

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