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A Bit About Me

Lynn has been an Arizona resident since 2005; living in Chandler with her husband, Tim, and their dogs. Born in Pennsylvania, she has been fortunate to have also lived in Florida and California, but Arizona is her favorite. She is the mother of two daughters, who have been the influence behind her book series. As children, her girls were great readers and big fans of the Babysitters Club books. Lynn wanted to write a series that was just as captivating to young girls and boys, but subtly taught examples by using a different outlook.

It wasn't until she was in her thirties that she discovered the teachings of the Positive Thinking philosophy and became a believer in the Law of Attraction. There was one question she always asked herself when introduced to a new book or author on these subjects: Why wasn't I taught this as a child? It would have helped me develop a more positive attitude on many subjects at different levels growing up.

Lynn decided to incorporate theses teachings in her books on a child’s level. Lynn’s Girls Books series contains messages of positive thinking by facing a problem or issue from a different angle or standpoint, on a level a child could understand and relate. Parents, teachers and neighbors give examples to the characters throughout the books in many different scenarios. Pets are also a large part of the stories showing care and responsibility. Entertaining children and encouraging them to use their imagination is a must. Having fun is important at all ages!

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