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A Bit About Me

From Washington State, Robert had an early career in the theatre that took him far afield. On an acting fellowship in classic repertory theatre, he earned a Ph.D. in communication arts. He taught performance of literature at City University of New York. He directed two plays Off-Broadway; a comedy about George Bernard Shaw and a concert docudrama on Albert Einstein at Lincoln Center. Theatre study lured him to London, where he lived off and on for several years. His writing has appeared in academic as well as popular publications, including Channels in Communications, Scene4 Magazine, Quarterly Journal of Speech, and locally in Tucson’s Desert Leaf Magazine.

Drawn to activist literature, he pivoted to write about wildlife and conservation, including his forthcoming eco-adventure novel, Wild Call to Boulder Field. He considers his proudest achievements rescuing and assisting the rescue of lost dogs. Robert and his wife Kathleen Alden live in Tucson, where he has taught writing. He has the good fortune to summer in a cabin in Arizona’s White Mountains, just a daily dog walk to the Sitgreaves National Forest, where coyotes, bears, wild horses, and other creatures are often spotted. He considers himself a recovering golfer, now an avid Pickleball player who likes to unwind with a crossword puzzle.

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