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Christine Haese

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Christine Haese

Published Author
Current Residence:

Works By Christine Haese:

Coming soon: The Goodlands – A Wide-Open West Novel


Lagged Not Logged: High Country News


Earthnotes: Lagged Lookout Trees

A Bit About Me

CHRISTINE HAESE is an enthusiastic lifelong reader and writer. Marrying at an early age and raising two daughters while working full time, she pursued college courses at night in writing, literature, and marketing. She has published her non-fiction work in Organic Gardening, Flower and Garden Magazine, Bird Watcher’s Digest, and High County News. Her story about 1940’s Lagged Lookout trees (historical firefighting) aired on NPR Earth Notes. She has also been a speech and ghost writer.

Christine and her husband live in the remote White Mountains of Arizona, where they hike, fish, photograph, explore, travel, and garden. For over five decades, she has maintained personal journals of family life, organic gardening, bird watching, and wild life adventures in Arizona and New Mexico. She shares excerpts from her written memories in her upcoming debut Western Mystery, "The Goodlands – A Wide-Open West Novel."

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