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Daniel Dickinson

Daniel Dickinson

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A Bit About Me

Daniel Dickinson was first published in an annual publication with the short story “Escape from Ogre Island.” He is also self-published with the short story horror book, “Don’t Close Your Eyes: Two Thrilling Tales of Terror” and “Gathering Tide.” His writing is based upon a lifetime of creating a realistic realm in which his characters come to life, allowing the reader to become a part of that world.

He enjoys writing and has been doing it since he was ten. He created Xonthian in its current form in his late teens. Xonthian is an entire world, allowing his characters to move and live in a diverse setting.

He has a wonderful family and is a proud father with a beautiful wife. He enjoys traveling and photography, as well as food and art. One of his many hobbies is taking his daughter and grandkids camping at least twice a year.

He currently lives in the greater Phoenix Area, surviving in the grind and writing when he can. He enjoys giving presentations about creating worlds and fantasy genres in general. He looks forward to the challenges of growing as a writer and continuing the adventure that is life.

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