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Vince Bailey

Vince Bailey

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A Bit About Me

Vince Bailey is a writer and construction estimator who grew up in Arizona—specifically, in the East Valley of the Sun—starting in the late nineteen-fifties. His youthful escapades there in the copper state climes contribute significantly to the nostalgic flavor of his fiction writing. The author’s adolescent haunts of yesteryear tracing around the east side of Mesa, crop up frequently as facets of his fictional town of Jacobs Well, the anchor location for several of his works. Path of the Half Moon is his inaugural novel, the first of a paranormal/historical fiction trilogy published by Ingram Elliott. Book two in the Curtis Jefferson/Fort Grant series, Courses of the Cursed, is undergoing the process of publication, soon to be released.

In 2017, Path of the Half Moon, was awarded first prize in the “unpublished novel” category of the Arizona Authors Association’s annual writing competition. Since publication, Path of the Half Moon was awarded “First in Category” (Paranormal Fiction), at the Chanticleer International Book Awards competition in April, 2019.

Mr. Bailey currently resides in Peoria, Arizona, a Phoenix suburb, with his wife, Rita. He continues to create in the same sort of multiple genre style that has animated Path of the Half Moon and Courses of the Cursed.

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