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A Bit About Me

Glorybound is owned and operated by Sheri Hauser since its inception in 2005. She wrote the first book and, finding publication difficult, opted to launch out to learn what is needed to start her own publishing company. Sheri studied graphic arts at Las Vegas University. It took 3 years to learn what was needed regarding papers, distribution, and binding (at that time). Then, she further augmented her career change (from being an ICU Nurse) to Publisher by learning web design. Through several years she assisted writers to publish their books by conventional methods as well as printing and binding in her garage-office.

By 2018 Sheri Hauser had published over 600 books in 5 languages and moved the company from a home office to a store front back to a home office located in Camp Verde, Arizona. 2018 Create Space was purchased and renamed KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). With their new Amazon umbrella, they opened many new options for authors to print-on-demand. Sheri seized this opportunity, and because she was already compiling books using the latest Adobe Software, directly uploading files to KDP was easy—hence the name of a book she wrote (InDesign Easy) which leads through the steps to upload a book to KDP using InDesign. Her office exploded because, she already had information on the digital connection from learning about website design, so making e-books was a snap.

By 2022, Glorybound Publishing takes up the entire downstairs of a house which overlooks the Verde Valley. Sheri has two office-help staff and is publishing around 4 books per month. She is civically active on the Chamber board, has written and oversees the maintenance of the website (which has over 4000 hits/month).

Our newest venture is to open a Sound Studio for audio book recording. Sheri obtained a diploma in Sound Engineering earlier this year and a bunch of sound equipment…We are moving into that arena!

Camp Verde Chamber Board Member (CVCBA) Director of Education Board Member 2017-2019, President 2019-2021, Secretary 2021to present. Led development of Camp Verde Chamber Resource Book and maintain the website.

OLLI Leadership Council Member (Sedona-Verde Valley Campus) 2021 to present.

Sheri Hauser, the Author

Sheri has a set of (published) books: The Prophetic Wave which are a wave of the Holy Spirit with miracles, signs, and wonders. Includes in the set are the following titles:

And Afterwards I will Pour Out My Spirit
Christian Authors Driving the Market
Dream Language Understood
Faith on a Wing and a Prayer
Filled with the Holy Spirit
Foundational Prophetic Prayer
Going to the Center of God’s Heart
Growing Ministry to Seed instead of Fruit
Inspirational 3-D Poetry
Intimate Relationship with Jesus
Leading Prophetic Prayer
Living in the Haunted House of my Head
Living in the Shadow of the Sins of our Parents
Personal Prophetic Prayer
Preparing the Bride of Christ: Allegorical
Prophetic Interpretation of Art
Sharing Prophetic Gifts in the Church
Simple Fun Christian Dream Interpretation
Spiritual Authority Over Demon Dragons
Tactical Demonic Warfare
Why the Glory Departed

She also has a series of books “The Lasertrain” which help business help themselves. They are templates for digital publishing. These include helps for authors. Several of the titles are: Just Books I and II, Just CD’s, Just Sales and Advertising. InDesign Easy helps authors upload their books to KDP using InDesign.

Additionally, Sheri has written several children’s books. Alpaca Shear Fear, Ba, Ba, Verde La, Dreamer, Fan Z, Pan Z, Dan Z, Sharing Ole Lumpy, and Signs of Love with her sister, Karna Peck as illustrator.

Glorybound Publishing 439 S. 6th St. Camp Verde AZ 86322
Ph: 928-567-3340
Cell: 928-600-4675

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