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Sara Lin

Sara Lin

Humorist, Author
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A Bit About Me

Lin is an American humorist, writer and author. She's best at boiling down the chicken soup of life and finding those nuggets of truth, urged on by her husband’s brilliant one-liners and her kids’ penchant for saying exactly what they think.

She's a no-nonsense mom of three boys and one girl. She's curious, funny and all about teaching her kids to take responsibility and have fun while doing it. Responsibility is great for kids! But sometimes those first steps toward independence need a little motivation. She has been writing and honing her voice for years but just recently decided to take it to the next level and publish her first book series.

Six books all starting with, "Mom's Not..." unfolds a message of personal responsibility and independence at a young age. Starting with “Mom’s Not Wipin’ Your Bum,” readers go on the imaginative journey of our main boy and see him triumphantly take charge of his own ability to *ahem* clean his behind. It’s the stepping stone in a long list of things he “can do!” Woven into the story are helpful hints from mom filled with positivity and encouragement.

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