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A Bit About Me

Mr. Nannini began his writing career when he published his own newspaper in the sixth grade and charged 25 cents per school quarter for the privilege of reading the only hand-written copy of each edition. The newspaper was a modest success.

During his undergraduate years, he was a paid newspaper reporter and worked three semesters as the Research Assistant to journalism professor Richard Stocks Carlson, Ph.D. Nannini's newspaper reporting paid for his senior year of undergrad.

Nannini is a life-long history buff with a particular interest in World War II and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. He once discovered an error in his fifth-grade history book concerning the attack, which the publisher subsequently corrected as a result. His first novel, Chameleons, An Untold World War II Story, was well received and awarded "Best Thriller" by International Thriller Writers.

Nannini's second work, Left for Dead at Nijmegen, the True Story of an American Paratrooper (Casemate Publishers, Oxford, UK, and Philadelphia, PA) received plaudits from around the world, has been placed into the United States National Archives, and was named 2019 Nonfiction Book of the Year. Sir Charles, Prince of Wales, owns a copy.

Nannini's third work, Midnight Flight to Nuremberg, the Capture of the Nazi who put Adolph Hitler into Power, was released in the UK and EU on September 17, 2021, by Pen & Sword Books (Yorkshire, United Kingdom, and Philadelphia, PA) and the USA and Canada in November 2021.

Nannini is presently working on the biography of an impoverished Italian immigrant who rose to be a Captain of Industry and International Philanthropist. The anticipated publication date is Second Quarter, 2023.

Marcus performs extensive marketing work through his Website, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and other social media sites through Google. He has appeared before clubs, groups, and schools. Mr. Nannini presented at the 2021 National Convention of the American Legion in Mesa, Arizona, on June 26, 2021, and is available for speaking engagements at libraries, book clubs, civic and veterans organizations.

Graduated from Lewis University, Romeoville, IL, with Honors. Major in Political Science. 21 Semester hours of Journalism courses with a perfect 4.0 GPA.
Graduated from Keller Graduate School of Management with an MBA.

Mr. Nannini also authors stories for Military History Now online magazine, History Magazine, World War II History Magazine, and others. You may contact him here:

A Small Sample of the Reviews:

(library bookwatch and nonfiction bookwatch), 06-10-2019
Critique: Left for Dead at Nijmegen: The True Story of an American Paratrooper in World War II is an extraordinary and simply riveting memoir that will prove to be an immediate and enduringly valued addition to both community and academic library World War II Military History & Biography collections.
Additional Reviews:
"Very Riveting," Herbert Bauernebel, American Correspondent for the German periodicals BILD and amerikaREPORT.

"Marcus, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It's perhaps one of the best memoirs I've read." Angus Wallace, WW II Podcast, United Kingdom
"The author has researched and studied this subject in great depth; his knowledge and ability to engage and keep the interest of the reader is accomplished and proficient. Army Rumour Service, 20/06/2019 (United Kingdom)
"Left for Dead at Nijmegen is a stunning and beautifully written recounting of Gene Metcalfe's experiences, beginning with his life-changing decision to quit school and enlist to become a paratrooper. While the story is written by Nannini, I consistently felt Metcalfe's presence within the telling, and the photographs included in the book increase the impact and credibility of Metcalfe's story." Review Link:

"Left for Dead at Nijmegen: The True Story of an American Paratrooper is an important work, one that exemplifies the sacrifices made by our military and reveals the reality of the POWs' struggle to survive under the harshest of situations. It's most highly recommended."
Review Link:
"This is an important biography worthy of inclusion in World War II-themed collections." AuthorsReading
"The writing is direct, simple, and honest, relaying the same feeling you get from the main character. Left for Dead in Nijmegen, written by Marcus A Nannini and published by Casemate, a resounding recommendation to readers of historical novels." Literary Titan, July 12, 2019.
"Dear Mr. Nannini,
I've just read your book "Left for dead at Nijmegen." The story of Gene Metcalfe is really amazing and beautifully written. I salute you for keeping his brave history alive!
Yours sincerely,
Harry Hekman, Lieutenant Colonel, Royal Military Police
(Koninklijke Marechaussee)
The Netherlands"

MIDNIGHT FLIGHT TO NUREMBERG, The Capture of the Nazi Who Put Adolph Hitler into Power.

ISBN: 9781526792730 (Hardbound)
Pen & Sword Press, Yorkshire, United Kingdom and Philadelphia, PA.

"We found the narrative compelling." Julie Huggins, Assitant Editor, Smithsonian Books.

"Wow! I don't know what to say. All through this book, I felt like I was right there with Harry. Another Home Run. I can't wait for the next book." Dave Williams, Independent Reviewer.

CHAMELEONS, An Untold World War II Story
Historical Fiction/Mystery/Thriller
Published June 2017. Black Rose Writing, Texas, USA.

Midwest Book Review: "Very Highly Recommended"
Chosen by Publishers Weekly as one of the "very best books."
Winner, Military Book Category, 2017 International Book Excellence Awards.
Second place in the 2018 Pencraft Awards.
Honorable Mention, 2017 and 2019 San Francisco Book Festival.
Voted Number One in the 2017 Onlinebookclub historical fiction book of the year voting.
By International Best Thrillers on June 27, 2018, in Historical Thriller Books and Military Thriller Books
GoodReads: Five Stars
Indie Reader: Five Stars "Chameleons An Untold World War II Story" by Marcus A. Nannini is one of the finest books written about the attack on Pearl Harbor that I have ever read."
OnLineBookClub: "Mr. Nannini's blend of real-life events, a compelling modern-day mystery, and vibrant characters has resulted in a first-class novel which could easily become a lasting gem in its genre."

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