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Laurie Cameron (Eliza McCullen)

Laurie Cameron (Eliza McCullen)

Published Author, Editor
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A Bit About Me

For nearly a quarter of a century, Laurie Cameron (aka Eliza McCullen) lived and travelled throughout many parts of the world. These include Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America and Asia. She has survived many events: a coup in Honduras, an attempted Al Qaida attack in Uganda, an army/paramilitary shootout in Malawi, earthquakes, dengue fever and malaria. This has provided fodder for some of her books. Others are inspired by current events or trends. Her career path was as varied as her geographical wanderings, ranging from social scientist to business manager to editor of the U.S. Embassy newsletter.

Two interests have sustained her throughout her many travels: textile arts and writing. She began by writing middle grade mysteries then moved on to adult suspense/thrillers. Her one requirement is that her stories have to end “happily-ever-after.” Laurie is enjoying life as an empty nester in Sedona Arizona where she and her husband of thirty-two years have retired amid the majestic red rocks. She has two adult children who share their father’s passion for globetrotting. As of this writing, her eldest recently joined the U.S. Foreign Service and her younger son is working on his masters in global health.

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