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Karla Moeller

Karla Moeller

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A Bit About Me

From Karla's page:

I am a writer, a biologist, and a photographer. Over the past few years, I've wrangled rattlesnakes, learned from lizards, and anticipated ant aggression. But my main focus has been on writing; I help researchers better communicate science and I write my own stories.

In my non-fiction work, I tell true stories about science, life, and exploration. In my children's books, I focus on communicating moral lessons that deal with growing up and with supporting community and diversity.

All of my work is influenced by my experiences with nature and with exploration, whether walking through the desert, paddling across open ocean, searching the rainforest canopy, or delving into the human psyche.

I believe we can all learn from the diversity of life around us, and I try to spread that belief through my writing, research, and photography.

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