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Judith Slaughter

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A Bit About Me

Judith Slaughter is a born story-teller with an illuminated imagination and a wicked sense of humor. The child of Irish/Italian immigrants, her childhood was filled with wonderful stories and fascinating people. Her vibrant love of life threads gold through her writings. Educated in French Canada and California, her work has an international appeal with a glamorous Hollywood spin. Her illustrious banking career spanned thirty vibrant years. From teller to Vice President, her vast experience gives rare insight into the challenging, behind the scenes secret world of banking. The fascinating stories of the amazing customers, from welfare recipients to millionaires she skillfully uncloaks a soap opera like no other! The shenanigans of the employees, the hidden lives of customers and the sheer terror and excitement of heart-thumping robberies certainly qualify her to write about bank robbery in grand detail.

A working mother, she raised one son and enjoys two grandsons. She is presently pursuing a lifelong dream to put on paper the many colorful characters that fill her head and heart. She has an acting agent, makes the occasional commercial and appears at charity functions as Eva Gabor. Her busy world is filled with intelligent, provocative people and she generously introduces them to her readers with a style uniquely hers. Her life experiences fuel her never ending palate of humanity and she will fling you into the often peculiar lives of her conflicted, likeable characters with their many wonderful quirks!

She lives happily with her husband Norman, surrounded by beauty in Southern California.

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