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Jean Tolle

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Jean Tolle

Author, Poet, Graphics Designer
Current Residence:

Works By Jean Tolle:


Falling Friction: Life As I Know It  (Blog Memoir)

Coming Soon:

I Wish I was a Woodpecker  (Children’s Board Book - Release Date Nov 2023)

The Bandana Book 2nd Edition 2024 (Co-Author, A Book of Short Stories of Unusual Encounters, Release Date Feb 2024)

A Bit About Me

Jean Tolle, Author, Writer, Poet, Digital-Graphic Designer & Artist

Jean has been involved with the arts from an early age of 8, drawing, and doodling on everything in sight, even the staircase walls, that didn’t go over very well at home. She began writing poetry at age 11, and short stories in her early teens. She entered her first poetry contest in early 1992 and won an award and received “The Golden Poet” Trophy with Milton Berle and Eddie-Lou which was published in the Book of Poetry through The World of Poetry Association. As an adult, she began writing for a local newspaper. When she was hired by Gannett Newspaper for a local publication to write her own weekly column from early 2001 to late 2009, she got her chance to write professionally. She soon also became a commissioned artist in June 2005. She knew she found her place and true passion for the literary and visual arts. She then wrote her first children’s book for her 2 boys when they were wee little, and has been writing and creating art ever since.

She is currently teaching art at several local Art Centers. Runs a small writers group, and works as a Therapeutic Artist, PMD Facilitator and Digital/Graphic Designer creating anything from book covers to brochures, teaching art and having therapeutic art sessions. Jean is always creating, writing or helping others through her art and creativity.

Jean is a self taught artist, with an AAB in Business and Digital Arts and CPT. She began teaching art in 2016 obtaining her Certification in Homeschool Arts, a Certification as a Therapeutic Artist, and a PMD Certification along with other certifications that while continually learning, writing and creating art in hopes to help and heal others in the process while sharing stories and providing healing programs.

Jean currently resides in Arizona with her husband, and she has 2 grown children. Jean’s life long passion for writing and art has been essential for her to grow, help and heal. Jean is originally from Ohio, and has lived out west her entire adult life. She has a deep love for animals and helping others, that’s where her heart is. In addition she loves sports, the open road, exploring, hiking adventures, dogs and horses, and spending as much time as possible with her boys and husband, and 2 adopted dogs.

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