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Isabella Constante

Isabella Constante

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A Bit About Me

Isabella Constante was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and raised in Sedona, Arizona where she understood the importance of community. Her community inspired her to write and illustrate her first book, The Roadrunner Who Couldn’t Run, at the tender age of eleven. Her book promotes the importance of kindness and has sold hundreds of copies. Teachers have invited Isabella to present her book over zoom to children across the country in New Jersey and outside of the country in England and India. Her passion for interacting and contributing to humanity and earth in search of meaning continues to fuel her work.

Isabella is involved with Rotary International and volunteered with them in Central Mexico to deliver mobility devices and restore native lands. Her fluency in Spanish and English allowed her to translate for her group. Her wanderlust has taken her to places near and far, from the top of Thunder Mountain in Sedona to the clear waters of Puglia, Italy. Her ardor for traveling has filled many journals, which she aspires to transform into novels.

Isabella graduated from Sedona Red Rock High School last spring, where she competed in Poetry Out Loud for four years and became a Semifinalist for the regional competition. She performed her original poem, Embodiment, at the Northern Arizona Book Fair. More of her original work can be found on Instagram.

She currently studies Sustainability at Arizona State University, where nature and humanity continues to inspire her. When she is not writing, she can be found reading a good book or enjoying Arizona’s ethereal scenery.

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