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Isabel Banerjee

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A Bit About Me

I’ve been many versions of me, starting as a child, sibling, and student and then unexpectedly, expecting and becoming a mother just after my 17th birthday. Very quickly, I transitioned into breadwinner, parent, and adult-under-construction. The roles of my life expanded to include wife, family compass, employee, social circle director and self-appointed superwoman. I became an accidental entrepreneur, employer, award winner, world traveler, writer, speaker, and more. I developed as a CEO and leader and honed my confidence and skills as a catalyst for positive change. I have changed my last name, hairstyle, and address many times, but the constants of my life have always been; deeply ingrained values of positivity and loyalty appreciation for the uniqueness and contribution of individuals passion for lifelong learning

I believe wholeheartedly in the right to health, security, abundance, and joy for all.

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