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Elizabeth Al-Hazzam Dawsari

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Elizabeth Al-Hazzam Dawsari

Published Author, Librarian
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A Bit About Me

Years spent in Saudi Arabia as the wife of a Bedouin tribesman offer a fresh perspective into the fiction I write about the women of the Arab world. Fascinating characters danced through my life and as my imagination took over, a woman telling a compelling story emerged, presenting current issues often overlooked or even challenged by prevailing beliefs. I am now seeking to publish the tale of this woman’s evolution from pampered Saudi royalty to American military wife.

My writing journey has taken a number of turns, the spotlight on fiction lit by a creative writing course then nearly extinguished by the need to earn a living. Reading fiction became a luxury; writing fiction became an impossibility. Term papers and projects in graduate school morphed into manuals and reports for my employers. And along the way, at Columbia University I met and married a Bedouin from Saudi Arabia. Abandoning my advancing career and comfortable life in America, we moved to the Kingdom. Intent on publication one day, I kept a journal through those many years, a vignette of a world that no longer exists.

Eventually I returned to the States and picked up the threads of my former career, spending decades at the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation with creative and inspiring people—architects, artists, authors, students, musicians, actors. Beauty.

My involvement with the Arab world persisted in America. I am a longtime desertbred Arabian horse and Saluki owner and breeder. Caring for animals filled nonwork hours and more than a few nights, and for decades I wrote about desertbred horses and Salukis, my articles appearing in numerous publications.

My long dormant love for writing fiction bubbled to the surface a few years ago. I have completed three novels and started a fourth, all unpublished to date. Additionally, resulting from my military history research, the Khamsat, a publication of Al Khamsa, Inc., has recently published the first four parts of my nonfiction series about Arabian war horses from antiquity to the present. (Yes, the CIA and U.S. Special Forces rode into the twenty-first century.) The fifth will go to press this summer.

My dream is to publish my novels and the record of the “old ways of life” I experienced in Saudi Arabia.

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