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E. D. Ferrier

E. D. Ferrier

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A Bit About Me

Back in Earl Ferrier's high school days, he enjoyed writing short stories for English classes. His personal economic situation required him to maintain a job at the same time. Between work and school, he had little time for any other activities, so he never pursued writing even as a hobby. After high school it was the Air Force (during the Vietnam conflict) and then he went right into the manufacturing industry when released from active duty. After decades in this field, he found himself unable to secure employment in the first years of this century.

Now he had time to write so he took it up once again. The next problem was getting published or even obtaining an agent. he didn't have a higher education or a platform such as that of a politician or entertainer. As an unknown author he found it nearly impossible to have his voice heard. Thank God for the emergence of the self publishing industry as he is now self published on Amazon. To view his novels just go on Amazon and type in his name (EARL FERRIER) in the search bar at the top of the page.

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