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A Bit About Me

Hello, Arizona authors! My name is Dr. Alisa Cooper, and I am a writer, editor, and a book coach with an extensive background in the healthcare industry. After 3 decades as a chiropractor and clinical nutritionist, I turned my time, talent, and attention to professional editing and book coaching. I provide fastidious content editing and apply my professional training as a life coach to guide authors gracefully through the book writing process. (Think supportive accountability, brainstorming, feedback, clarity, organization, and a lot less stress!)

My expertise is in the health & wellness, psychology, spirituality, addiction recovery, and self-help genres. I also work with authors of memoirs and instructional books, manuals, and workbooks.

I have authored a cookbook (Four Generations: a timeless collection of Jewish holiday recipes), co-authored a self-help book (Transformation in Action), and have been published in numerous magazines and journals. My first children’s book, Going Buggy, came out in April 2022. I am the editor of Food, Body, and Love by Dr. Kari Anderson (2020) and its companion workbook (2023), Courtney M: a mother’s loss, a daughter’s legacy by Patricia Brusha (2021),

I worked as a technical writer for Rowpar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. for seven years and as a contributing editor for two lifestyle magazines that added over 1,000 edited articles to my repertoire. In a nutshell, my primary goal is to help bring a glistening version of your story, passion, and message to life, and to do so in the most enjoyable, stress-free way possible.

I offer a foundational coaching session for authors in the earliest stages of writing their book. This unique, compelling one-hour session is designed to reduce overwhelm, provide concrete action steps, and get the ball rolling with a clear vision and commitment to consistent forward progress.

Dr. Alisa Cooper

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