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From Idea to Publication:

How We Can Help

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  • Your Own Professional Web Page: 

  • Members receive an onsite web page for more exposure and wider recognition.

  • Resources: 
    Access articles, videos, upcoming events, tips and advice from pros.

  • Networking:
    Join our exclusive group of authors from all over the United States, some of whom have been featured in PBS documentaries and on the New York Times Best Seller List. Whether or not you live in Arizona, you are welcome to join the Arizona Authors Association!

  • Workshops:
    Members may participate in free online Zoom or in-person workshops. If you wish to supercharge your writing technique, attend our workshops conducted by award-winning authors. They cover topics such as character development, suspense, memoirs, and many more subjects. 

  • Contest:
    Members receive discounts when entering our Arizona Authors Association Literary Contest, one of the oldest and most respected literary contests in the United States. Have a book that languished in obscurity for years? Revive it by entering our Oldies but Goldies category! You may just relaunch it to a wider audience!

  • Digest:
    Receive our exclusive members-only digest six times a year, with regular features, informative articles, columns, upcoming events and more. Check out our archive of old newsletters on the resource page to see what you're missing, and then sign up for new issues delivered to your inbox.

Whether you live in Arizona, have visited Arizona, or simply love the magic of Arizona, we welcome  you 

to join the Arizona Authors Association! 

Arizona Authors Association is a 501c3 nonprofit established in 1978 to help authors, editors and publishers worldwide to promote their work. Find us at and

Arizona Authors Association Mission Statement
Arizona Authors is an established nonprofit that:

1. Recognizes the power of literature to enrich the lives of individuals and communities.
2. Promotes our annual literary contest featuring unpublished and published work.
3. Encourages the cultivation of literature within all age groups.
4. Conducts educational programs, workshops, conferences, reading series, critique groups and more.
5. Publishes our annual literary magazine celebrating writing excellence across the nation, as well as a bi-monthly newsletter.

Arizona Authors Association's primary goal is to support and assist the literary community in creating and publishing its best body of work to reach the widest possible audience.

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